Is Bonvera the answer to Amazon?

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Can Bonvera disrupt e-commerce?

Tim Jarvinen

Bonvera: the transition to we-commerce through e-commerce via a Compensated Marketplace.

Why do you believe Bonvera [] will disrupt, and ultimately revolutionize, the way e-commerce is done?” This type of question has been a common interest for people first learning about Bonvera. If you are asking this question, chances are, you already understand we live in a fast changing business landscape. You also demonstrate that you can be an independent thinker and bypass the “critic mode ” that, as if off a script, says this is just another one of “those things.” A simple reflection of our history books would show how a little start-up, know as Walmart, had a huge vision and a simple plan that allowed it to pass the giants of its day, such as K-Mart, leaving them utterly incapable of recovery. We have watched social media giants emerge and transition. How many of…

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Yes I’m creating that for my wife to.

Albertmaglines's Blog

Just recently I received my 2015 1099 from my “business”. Interesting thing is that I also received my W-2 from my job and the 1099 was more than the W-2. May not seem like a big deal until you hear what I used the money for. I used the money to buy my wife’s time back. I used to watch her stress about trying to balance her time between her work, the kids needs, etc. With her time back also came peace of mind and that to me is priceless. This year my goal is the help my father and many others create that same type of income. This year my goal is to earn in a month what I used to make in a year. I will then buy someone else’s time back, my own. God willing I will then help a generation accomplish the same! May 2016 give…

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FROM GOOD TO GREAT… A Story of What If

What if you seize it?

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The Unicorn

Send me the Amazon please!
Redirecting the flow of e-comers through
my own business! The pre launch of Bonvera
is here. A truly Compansated Market place.

Chris Mattis on Leadership

Every culture has an ideal, a set of hopes for the future. Sometimes those ideals have been turned into myths, other times they are relayed through parables to teach from. But on that rare occasion, they are actual, attainable goals to strive to become.

The world of commerce is no different in its pursuit of ideals, a place where synergy between supplier, vendor and customer creates a perfect storm of Win – Win – Win. In every world there are doubters, who can’t see the future, but love it when it arrives. Others begrudge anything new or that they didn’t invent. They don’t want the future and refuse to enjoy the gifts that it brings. But a rare few see the future before them with almost a sixth sense, knowing what’s right about it. They are people that run to it and ring it in to make life better for…

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Play Hurt

There are a few people in my life who have modeled the ability to drag a benefit out  of whatever circumstances life presents them. I know of none better than my friend and mentor Chris Mattis. Here is a great post in which he lets us all see were he gets the strength to Face Everything And Win!

Allen Knight

Using Pain to Focus and Improve

My Mentor, Tim Marks, says “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”   When I was twelve I rode one morning on my bike down my street, wearing only shorts.   It was a warm southern california summer day and I in my joy rode without my hands on the handle bars.   You can guess what’s next, I hit a rock and fell end over end, skidding 20 plus feet.   Skinned up, bleeding and out of breath I arose and walked home.   I sat unmoving at home for five hours, in pain and thinking until my mom came home.   It was the first time I remember pain focusing my thinking.   It was not the last.

Fast forward a few decades to, one of my daughters is out of control.   I am in more pain, emotionally, than ever before and I know it’s my fault.   I had a choice, ignore it and hope someday she would figure it out.   Or do something about it and give her a chance to have a life.   Or do whatever it takes to change and help her have a life now!   Thanks to the influence of a Tim Marks and the books and scriptures he led me to, I was able to take courage, face my doing, and change with prayer, study and accountability.


Today that daughter is a beautiful, kind, self sufficient young lady and I couldn’t be prouder of who she has chosen to be.   Going through pain isn’t fun, even though The Bible says “take joy in your long suffering”, it still hurts.   If we can remember God is really Sovereign life is a lot easier because the outcome longterm will be good.   This verse has helped me many times, I hope it brings you peace too.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” – ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭ESV‬

Whatever circumstances you’re in, remember they are only temporary and God plans good for you not harm.   So lean into Him, pray, read, get counsel, reframe, get better and overcome.

Focus there is more to see. – Chris Mattis<><

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