Can Bonvera disrupt e-commerce?

Tim Jarvinen

Bonvera: the transition to we-commerce through e-commerce via a Compensated Marketplace.

Why do you believe Bonvera [] will disrupt, and ultimately revolutionize, the way e-commerce is done?” This type of question has been a common interest for people first learning about Bonvera. If you are asking this question, chances are, you already understand we live in a fast changing business landscape. You also demonstrate that you can be an independent thinker and bypass the “critic mode ” that, as if off a script, says this is just another one of “those things.” A simple reflection of our history books would show how a little start-up, know as Walmart, had a huge vision and a simple plan that allowed it to pass the giants of its day, such as K-Mart, leaving them utterly incapable of recovery. We have watched social media giants emerge and transition. How many of…

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